An exemplary career: as the first Sommelier World Champion from Germany, Markus Del Monego made history.  Winning this title in Vienna in 1998 was a sensation and made headlines around the world as he succeeded in breaking into what had historically always been the domain of the French.  In the long tradition of the Sommelier World Championships a German had never before been at the top of the list.

He compounded his extraordinary wine competence in 2003 by becoming a „Master of Wine“.  This internationally recognised title is considered to be the most difficult qualification to achieve in the wine world.  Markus Del Monego is the first person in the history of both the Insitute of Masters of Wine and the Sommelier Championships to succeed in holding both titles.

Markus Del Monego is today the owner and managing director of tasteTainment GmbH based in Essen. He is a certified wine taster (IHK Essen) and holds a number of titles including Ambassadeur de l'Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, Ambasciatore dell'Accademia del Barolo, Master of Sake and Sake Samurai.

He is also the author of several books – including the Süddeutsche Zeitung publication "Wine journey to Tuscany" as well as "What does dry taste like?" and "How does red taste?“  He writes columns for Lufthansa, Süddeutsche Zeitung, etc and is also a guest contributor to other publications.

With his company tasteTainment GmbH, Markus Del Monego seeks to convey the joys of wine and wine consumption by providing consultancy services to the trade as well as professional wine training.  He makes the world of wine come alive to consumers and trade alike, in Germany and abroad, offering new experiences and adventures whether it is on a wine tour, in a seminar or workshop, a tasting dinner or as part of his consultancy services.

Markus Del Monego is a wine professional who has long ceased to be "just" a sommelier.  He is an internationally recognised and renowned wine expert with excellent connections.