Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction and this includes product assurance, safety and quality, which all play an increasingly important role in product selection.  Thanks to our individual and high-level consultancy work in the complex world of wine, we can ensure that our customers' products meet the requirements of both the market and the consumer.  We also create and develop bespoke presentations, trips, dinners, seminars and workshops.

As an example, wine trips can be arranged to selected regions and wine estates, which are not always accessible to the public.  We can also organise highlights such as a „dîner sensorique“.  Under the slogan „discover – experience – enjoy“ this "journey into the realm of the senses" focuses on sensory indulgence experiencing the sensations of sweet, sour, salty and bitter, followed by a menu of several courses served with corresponding wines.

In addition, we are able to organise major events as well as workshops and seminars for trade professionals or consumers who appreciate good wine.  We can arrange customer events and training courses, present your products, advise you on cellar equipment and even give you a valuation of the contents of your wine cellar.


tasteTainment GmbH works with a professional five pillar system in order to provide the best possible service to companies involved in wine production and trading as well as the enjoyment of wine.  This system can either be combined in its totality or each individual component can be booked separately.


Targeted scouting around the world for new, top quality wines and spirits.  The focus here is on existing products from well-known, prestigious winemakers and promising newcomers as well as on new product trends.

New product development

Product development for entirely new products including high-quality blends in line with consumer trends.

Quality assurance

Problem identification, effective solutions, assistance with blending such as selecting the right grape varieties to ensure authenticity, as well as tastings both in-house and on-site.


Creation of professional and informative wine and marketing texts, communication support (both internally and externally), product placement etc

Educational courses / training

Specialist training of employees and clients in any required subject, development of high-quality training materials, seminars focusing on wine quality and understanding wine.

Seminars & Workshops

We provide practice-oriented seminars which convey wine knowledge in an enjoyable way.  For example, introductory seminars for beginners cover the basics of wine tasting and rudimentary wine knowledge in a fun and relaxed manner.

Themed workshops offer almost infinite possibilities to get to know wine in all its diversity:

Professional seminars:

Further ideas for tailor-made seminars and training courses are as follows:


We offer exclusive events on any topic to do with wine and its consumption for private individuals as well as businesses (almost) wherever you want.  We make sure that your event is a culinary highlight combining top quality with sophistication and style, whether it is at a wine estate, a hotel or in your own home, whether it is relaxed or business-like and whether it is just a few people or a hundred people.  

How about a journey into the realm of the senses?  With a „dîner sensorique“, the art of indulgence reaches another level.  Experimenting with the sensations of sweet, sour, salty and bitter leads to new discoveries and experiences and shows water, tea, sugar and salt in another light.   After being trained in the basics – where, how and what am I tasting on my tongue – the journey into the invisible world of the senses continues, accompanied by small cubes of toast, apple, onion and gherkin with a range of different wines.  How does the taste of the wine change in combination with different foods?

There are definitely some surprises in store and the surprises continue with a menu of several courses afterwards.
Tasting wine using all the senses and trying combinations of different wines with delicious dishes is fascinating, not only for wine professionals and wine and food lovers, but also for anyone who likes to try out different cuisines and test their sensory skills.

We can also organise themed dinners, for example

The cost of any event depends on the number of participants and the chosen venue as well as the wines and food selected. We would be pleased to give you an individual quotation.


We provide consultancy services to retailers, importers, wine estates and wineries as well as private individuals anywhere in the world.